Our aim is to bring scores of free electronic music to the great masses.

One is the music maker, the other a visual artwork creator and another word spinner. We hope you’ll experience loads of eargasm here and come back again for more.

Project MuseIt (a combination of ‘muse’ and obviously ‘it’) is about sharing scores of selected digital music to the wonderful online community.

For each music tune created and soundclouded, there shall be a short description of which will center upon the moods, emotions and all that intangible stuff that the music conveys to the word spinner.

In other words, musing on music is literally what it is.

The website’s name ‘Ears to Mind’ speaks for itself.

Music is perceived through those weird-looking things stuck to the sides of your head. As music massages your eardrums, you’ll notice curious thoughts start to form like ‘Woah, this sound blows!’ or something deeper like ‘Is there really an afterlife?’ and voilà, your mind has been taken for a spin!

Find the specific sound you like by digging through our archive here.

Have fun lurking around this website. Remember to link to us with love if you decide to use our sounds for whatever grand purposes that is.

For inquiries, please email us at earstomind@gmail.com

Be a dear and follow us on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.


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